1 My resume

2 YouTube videos

3 Computer-science research

4 Embedded systems

5 Software

5.1 Website development

5.2 Workstation tools


Jim Yuill's Website,

for Sharing Technical Projects and Info



This website contains software, tutorials, and papers that I’ve written. 

      Many of the webpages have a comments section for discussion.


1  My resume

      I’m currently job hunting (May 2024).

o      Resume


2  YouTube videos

      My YouTube channel has videos from my hobby projects, e.g., chainsaws, and tree removal and climbing.


3  Computer-science research

      Computer-security publications

o      Selected publications from my computer-security research at NCSU


4  Embedded systems

      Study-guide for the book Hands-On RTOS with Microcontrollers (70 pages)

o      The book Hands-On RTOS with Microcontrollers is good overall, but it has a number of errors, code bugs and unclear points. This study-guide provides corrections and clarifications.


5  Software

5.1  Website development

      WordWebNav—create usable MS Word webpages

o      WordWebNav (WWN) is an app that converts a Microsoft Word document into a usable webpage.

o      WWN was used to create the present webpage, and the rest of this website.


5.2  Workstation tools

      MS Word tools and how-to info

o      Programs for using Word more effectively, and a tutorial on using Word templates



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