1 Computer-Science Research

1.1 Computer-security publications

2 Embedded Systems

3 Software

3.1 Web-site development

4 Workstation tools

4.1 Microsoft Word


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1  Computer-Science Research

1.1  Computer-security publications


2  Embedded Systems

      Study-Guide for the Book: Hands-On RTOS with Microcontrollers  (70 pages)

o      The book Hands-On RTOS with Microcontrollers is very good overall, but it has a number of errors, code bugs and unclear points.  This study-guide provides corrections and clarifications.


3  Software

3.1  Web-site development

      WordWebNav:  create usable MS-Word web-pages

o      WordWebNav (WWN) is an app that converts a Microsoft-Word document to a usable web-page.

o      WWN was used to create this web-page, and much of this web-site.


4  Workstation tools

4.1  Microsoft Word

      MS Word templates:  how to use someone else's template  (10 pages)

o      This document describes how to use a Word template on your computer, when the template was provided by someone else.



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