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MS Word Tools and How-To



These are freely distributed and open-source (details are in their copyright statements).



      MS Word templates:  how to use a template provided by someone else  (10 pages)

o      This how-to document describes how to use a Word template on your computer, when the template was provided by someone else.

o      These instructions are based on my use of a Word template provided by a publisher that I was writing for.



      Review-comments stats (Word VBA code)

o      This program displays the stats for a Word document’s review-comments, i.e., the number of comments and replies, for each user.

o      This program is distributed in a Word doc:  review-comments-stats.docm

o      The Word doc has instructions for use, and it contains the program itself (Word VBA code).


A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated



      Kindle copy-and-paste (Word VBA code)

o      When copy-and-pasting text from a Kindle book, Kindle inserts unwanted text and formatting.  This program removes that text and fixes the formatting.  The program can be assigned to a hot-key.

o      Example copy-and-paste

o      The program is distributed in the file: paste_text_from_kindle.vba

o      More info is in the program’s comments, including use and installation.



Copyright (c) 2023-present by Jim Yuill