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A Complete List of Jim Yuill’s Publications


Jim’s primary publications are on-line here: https://jimyuill.com/cs-research/comp-sec-papers/



      Book: 1

      Journal papers: 2

      Conference papers and tutorials: 7

      Conference and workshop presentations: 7

      PhD dissertation and research reports: 4




      Amos, B., J. Yuill, and P. Linder, Hands-On RTOS with Microcontrollers: Building real-time embedded systems using FreeRTOS, STM32 MCUs, and SEGGER debug tools, second edition, Packt, pending publication (as of 10/2023).


Journal papers

      Yuill, J., D. Denning, and F. Feer, “Using Deception to Hide Things from Hackers : Processes, Principles, and Techniques,” Journal of Information Warfare, 5(3):26-40, November, 2006.

      Yuill, J., F. Wu, J. Settle, F. Gong, R. Forno, M. Huang and J. Asbery, “Intrusion-Detection for Incident-Response : using a military battlefield-intelligence process,” Computer Networks, Elsevier, 34(4): 671-697, October 2000.


Conference papers and tutorials

      Yuill, J. and M. Nystrom, “Developing Standardized Processes for Incident Response: Challenges and Opportunities,” Department of Defense Cyber Crime Conference 2012, Atlanta, GA, January 2012.

      Yuill, J. and M. Nystrom, “Developing Standardized Processes for Incident Response: Challenges and Opportunities” (tutorial), 18th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2011), Chicago, IL, October 2011.

      Yuill, J., D. Denning, and F. Feer, “Psychological Vulnerabilities to Deception, for Use in Computer Security,” DoD Cyber Crime Conference 2007, St. Louis, MO, January 2007.

      Yuill, J. and F. Feer, “Designing Deception Operations for Computer Security: Processes, Principles, and Techniques” (tutorial), 12th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2005), Alexandria, VA, November 2005.

      Yuill, J., F. Feer, and D. Denning, “Designing Deception Operations for Computer Network Defense,” DoD Cyber Crime Conference 2005, Palm Harbor, FL, January 2005.

      Yuill, J., M. Zappe, D. Denning, and F. Feer, “Honeyfiles: Deceptive Files for Intrusion Detection,” Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE Workshop on Information Assurance, West Point, NY, June 2004.

      Yuill, J., S. Wu, F. Gong, and M. Huang, “Intrusion Detection for an On-Going Attack,” Proceedings of the 1999 International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection (RAID ’99), Purdue, IN, September 1999.


Conference and workshop presentations

      Yuill, J., Invited speaker for conference panel-discussion, “Cyber Intersection with Deception,” InfowarCon 2011: Maneuvering in Cyberspace and IO, Linthicum Heights, MD, September 2011.

      Yuill, J. and M. Vouk, “Choosing System Security-Engineering (SSE) Practices for Cloud Computing,” 3rd International Conference of the Virtual Computing Initiative (ICVCI 3), Research Triangle Park, NC, October 2009.

      Yuill, J., “Common Criteria: A Survey of its Problems and Criticisms,” DoD Cyber Crime Conference 2009, St. Louis, MO, January 2009.

      Yuill, J. and F. Feer, Invited speaker, “Deception: Attacking Hackers’ Decision-Making Processes,” Workshop on the Active Response Continuum to Computer Network Attacks, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, March 2005.

      Yuill, J., “Applying Military-Intelligence Techniques to Incident-Response,” Rubi-Con 2002 (hacker conference), Detroit, MI, April 2002.

      Yuill, J., “Intrusion-Detection During Incident-Response, Using a Military Battlefield-Intelligence Process,” 13th Annual FIRST Conference on Computer Security Incident Handling, Toulouse, France, June 2001.

      Yuill, J., “Understanding Hacker Behavior, Using Principles from Economics,” Austrian Scholars Conference 2000 (an economics conference), Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, AL, March 2000.


Dissertation and research reports

      Yuill, J., “Defensive Computer-Security Deception Operations: Processes, Principles and Techniques,” Ph.D. Thesis, North Carolina State University, 2006.

      Yuill, J., F. Feer, D. Denning, and B. Bell, “Deception for Computer Security Defense,” research report for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, January 2004.

      Yuill, J., “Choosing System Security-Engineering Practices : evaluation criteria and a selected survey,” NCSU research report, 2008.

      Yuill, J., “Common Criteria: A Survey of its Problems and Criticisms,” NCSU research report, 2008.