Jim Yuill

                                                                                                        Greenville, SC

                                                                                                        jim.yuill.web+2023 at gmail dot com

                                                                                                        October 2023



Dear prospective employer,


I’m seeking a position in embedded-systems software-development, and I am open to other opportunities.  I’ve changed career path in recent years, so my skill-levels vary, from junior/intermediate to senior.


I have 30 years of computer-systems R&D experience.  I started in operating-systems development at IBM (7 years).  A hand injury impaired my typing, so I switched to computer-security research (15 years), which included getting a PhD, and working in Lockheed Martin’s research division. I had success at research, but became disillusioned with government-funded PhD research. My hands healed 8 years ago, so I began transitioning back to programming (which had changed a lot).

In that, I’ve worked mostly in Python, C++, and C (4+ years experience).  I had a military Top Secret clearance for most of it.  A lot of the work was in systems programming, including networking internals, at the protocol and packet level.

In addition, for the last 2.5 years I’ve worked mostly on embedded-systems projects. A publisher asked me to be the lead-author for the second edition of their popular book on RTOSes (real-time operating systems).  I just completed the book, and it’s pending publication.

To put my open-source work on-line, I created an open-source app that converts MS Word HTML to usable web-pages. One reason was to show my programming skills, since much of my recent work is classified.

Embedded-systems development combines my primary skills and interests, especially in systems programming. My research skills are useful in working with complex hardware. Also, I’m exceptionally thorough, which is valuable for critical systems. I recently took two college-courses on embedded systems.

In addition, I have a passion for mechanical, electrical, and electronics projects, which I’ve worked on informally for 25 years. I do almost all of the repairs for my older cars, and my home, e.g., appliances.  I was a volunteer voc-ed teacher at a children’s home for 10 years, mostly metal work.  My hobby is tree-work, e.g., climbing and rigging for removal (https://tinyurl.com/49nk432m). I’m self-taught in all of this, including basic electronics.

My resume has more details.  If I can be of help, I’d be delighted to speak with you.