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Cheat-Sheet:  running build, Ozone debugger, and SystemView Recorder



      Using STM32CubeIDE to build a project configuration:


o      Example-programs, projects and configurations:

      The book's example programs are organized by chapter, and each chapter-folder is a project.  In a chapter-folder the example-programs (C-files) are in the Src folder.  Each project has one or more configurations.  A configuration is typically associated with one example program.

o      How to build a configuration

      Make the intended configuration active: 

      Right-click on the chapter-folder, and select

      "Build Configurations" : "Set Active"

      Build the configuration: 

      Right-click on the chapter-folder, and select "Build Project"

o      How to add a new program to a chapter-folder (project)

      Do not simply add a program to the Src folder, as it will likely corrupt the build scripts.

      Instructions for adding a new program are in the web-page on STM32CubeIDE.



      Using Ozone to load the executable on the board, and run it:


o      Connect the USB cable to the board

o      Configure the .jdebug file, in the chapter-folder:

      Fix the bugs in the file, as described in the study-guide's web-page on Ozone.

      Set the File.Open() parameter to the path for the configuration's ELF file, e.g.,

File.Open ("C:\projects\packtBookRTOS\Chapter_7\TaskCreationBuild\Chapter_7_TaskCreationBuild.elf");


o      Open Ozone, and load the .jdebug file:

      Click on "Open Existing Project" and select the .jdebug file.

o      Load the ELF file onto the board:

      On the toolbar, click on the drop-down button, and select  "Download & Reset Program"

o      Run the program (ELF file)

      On the toolbar, click on the play button ("Resume program execution")



      Using SystemView Recorder:


o      Start SystemView

      When SystemView can be run, relative to running the program (ELF file) on the board:

      SystemView can be started at any time

      SystemView Recorder should not be started until after the program runs vTaskStartScheduler()

o      The "Interface Speed" apparently should be set to 50000 kHz.

      This is described in the study-guide's web-page for Chapters 4-6.

      On the toolbar, click on:  Target : J-Link : "Recorder Configuration"

o      To run the Recorder:

      On the toolbar, click on the run button ("Start Recording")

o      To see the messages generated by SEGGER_SYSVIEW_PrintfHost():

      Click on the Terminal tab

o      To make the timestamp format consistent among the windows:

      On the toolbar, click on:  View : "Display recording time"