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An Unofficial Study-Guide for the Book:

Hands-On RTOS with Microcontrollers




The book Hands-On RTOS with Microcontrollers is good overall. However, it has a number of errors, code bugs and unclear points. There are also bugs in the system-tools. Further, the book has omitted information needed to use those tools. In running the book's code, diagnosing and fixing these problems can be time-consuming and require extra skills.

This study-guide provides corrections and clarifications for the book, and additional needed information. The study-guide covers the first three-quarters of the book.

Corrections, feedback, and discussion are most welcomed. Each webpage has a comments section.


About the study-guide's author (Jim Yuill): I'm new to embedded-systems, but I have many years of related experience, e.g., in operating-systems development and university teaching.


The book: bugs, clarifications, and tips

      Getting started : issues regarding the whole book (2 pages)

      Chapters 4-6 (4 pages)

      Chapter 7 (3 pages)

      Chapter 8 (9 pages)

      Chapter 9 (2 pages)

      Chapter 10 (9 pages)

      Chapter 11 (6 pages)

      Chapter 13, part 1:  PWM tutorial (7 pages)

      Chapter 13, part 2:  additional info (3 pages)

      Chapter 14 (2 pages)


System-tools: additional needed info

      Cheat-Sheet: running build, the Ozone debugger, and SystemView Recorder (1 page)

      STM32CubeIDE: creating programs, and build troubleshooting (7 pages)

      Ozone: problems in the book's .jdebug files, and in running Ozone (3 pages)

      SystemView: its use, known bugs, and troubleshooting (14 pages)



 (c) Jim Yuill 2022, with MIT License